Visitations and gatherings are historically rooted in virtually every culture to provide an opportunity for families to receive support from family and friends. This is a very special time of sharing, when people are often found in small groups talking about the person who has died. Gatherings and visitations can take place at a home, church, funeral home, or place that has a special significance.

On behalf of the Busch Family and staff, thank you for allowing us to be of service to you as you plan your farewell ceremony for your loved one. With our reasonably priced visitation or gathering options, funeral and memorial services, the direction of a graveside committal at the cemetery or the use of our beautiful facilities and our automotive equipment fees, you can expect a special effort from your funeral director today to explain to you all service options and price ranges. Our professional caring staff is available 24/7 to respond to any need for assistance.

You will receive assistance with obituaries, death notices, death certificates, coordination of all service times and participants. Our staff will listen, suggest, organize and carry out your wishes. Everyone associated with Busch will do anything it takes to serve your family well.

Busch General Price List