When you want to celebrate the wonderful story of a life that has been lived, we are experts at personalizing funeral services.

We work directly with you and your family to learn about your loved one, your family's beliefs and offer ideas designed to deepen the meaning of your tribute. The places and things associated with our lives often play an important part - we understand the many ways the value of your loved one's life can be communicated throughout the funeral service. A valuable aspect of funerals is their individuality. Whether a ceremony is elaborate or simple, funerals are often individualized to reflect the life of the deceased and to hold personal meaning for family and other survivors. A service may reflect one's religious beliefs as a reaffirmation of faith in a greater life beyond this world. Some families choose to reflect upon the occupation or hobbies of the deceased, and some choose to center the service around an ethnic background or a social affiliation.

We believe it is a privilege to help you design and arrange an appropriate memorial.

We have provided downloadable PDF's which are also available at no cost at all of our convenient funeral home locations, with information about Celebrant Services and other ways to personalize the funeral.

While there are many different ways to personalize the service, here are some ways we can help:

Certified Celebrants™

Busch Funeral and Crematory Services Celebrant Brochure

Your family should be given the opportunity to shape the type of ceremony that best honors your loved one. At your request, we can provide our certified funeral Celebrants to assist you in designing the service.

They are trained to meet the needs of families by providing a meaningful tribute to reflect the legacy and beliefs of the deceased.

Our celebrants will...

  • Meet with the family to gather information pertinent to the legacy you wish to convey and set the desired tone of the tribute.
  • Meet with those others whom the family wishes to involve for readings, live music or reflections.
  • Design a personalized celebration of life combining these significant elements.
  • Review all elements of the planned tribute with the family in order to create a meaningful and dignified service.
  • Officiate at the service by introducing the elements of the tribute and explaining their significance.
  • Maintain confidentiality in all areas serving the bereaved.

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Funeral Personalization

Busch Funeral and Crematory Services Funeral Personalization Brochure

Photo Collage Presentation. We can help you organize and present a showcase of special photographs spanning a lifetime attached to a memory board for use at the visitation and the funeral service.

Display personal cherished belongings. Even the simplest mementos such as a coin collection, an apron, or a set of monogrammed cuff links provide remembrance and comfort during the service. Artwork, awards and other personal items help people understand that the person who died enjoyed many interests.

Multi-Media Tribute. Using your treasured photos along with adding footage and music, we can develop a personalized keepsake celebrating your loved one's lifetime to share with family and friends and to pass down to future generations. This tribute can be formatted in any of today's media formats such as a DVD, Windows Media File, Quicktime file and others. It is a unique remembrance created especially for the families we work with and serve. We understand the importance of capturing and saving precious memories and we want to help you remember your loved one in a way that helps show others how they lived. Family and friends will cherish the opportunity to continue to share moments from their loved ones' lives together. You are also able to post this video to your loved one's obituary in Tributes.com where it will last forever.

Music. Select something classical or inspirational, or bring in your own selection. Our organists are often requested because of their unique talent and ability to provide meaningful, customized music during the funeral service. Another option is to retain an outside musician. Here we can assist by helping to securing a harpist, guitarist, pianist, or vocalist. Bagpipe and bugle musicians are also available.

Additional questions.  We sincerely hope you will feel comfortable asking us for other ways to make the service extra special. We can guide you in other ways too, such as personalizing the urn or casket with an engraving or obtaining a unique family monument.