Preparing final arrangements

Leave Well: Final Arrangements

    Preparing Final Arrangements

    Preparing final arrangements for a loved one is difficult for everyone involved. Busch Funeral and Crematory Services employs an expert and compassionate staff that will assist you in this process, making sure all your requests and wishes are met.

    The order of final arrangements will depend on where the death occurred:

    • At home.
    • A public place.
    • Care center.
    • Hospital.
    • Out-of-state.

    If a death has occurred, please call us at 1-800-252-8724 anytime day or night. We can answer your questions and create a plan to best fit you and your family's unique needs.

    Read below for more general information about what happens when a death occurs.

    If a Death Occurs Under Hospice Care

    Leading up to a death, many choose to remain at home under the care of hospice or a home health care provider. If a death occurs, the family will notify their caregiver. Hospice will then notify that person’s physician and the Busch Funeral Home of choice.

    If a Death Occurs at Home

    In the event that a death occurs at home without a hospice care worker or a home health care provider, you may immediately call Busch Funeral Homes. In addition, you may call 911 for an ambulance, and the rescue crew will notify police. The police will proceed with a normal investigation, and release the deceased before speaking with a funeral home. If you elect to immediately call a funeral home, the police will generally not need to be involved.

    Additional Circumstances to Consider

    The following are other scenarios that may occur following a death:

    • If a death occurs while no one is present, notify the local police immediately. The police will respond to the home before releasing the deceased into the care of a funeral home.
    • If the death occurs in a hospital or care center, be certain that the staff notifies the proper contacts. Remember to provide the hospital or care center with the name of the Busch Funeral Home selected. The funeral home will respond quickly to review final arrangements with family members.
    • If you are unsure whom to notify following a death, please call us at 1-800-252-8724. Busch Funeral and Crematory Services will assist you in notifying the proper contacts and agencies anytime day or night.

    Common Questions Following a Death

    We understand that a loved one’s death can be a confusing time. Families often have questions, and they are unsure whom to ask. Below are a few common questions we receive following a death:

    • Do I need to purchase a casket?
    • What kind of memorial service should we plan?
    • What about cemetery arrangements?
    • Can we make this more personal?
    • Do we want a cremation or visitation?

    Contact Busch with any questions you have regarding final arrangements. Our caring staff will take the time to answer all of your questions and help you understand the final arrangements process.

    We're available at 1-800-252-8724 to answer your questions about cremation, burial and funeral preplanning. Contact us to learn how our family can serve yours.

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