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Perspectives on Grief: Kent Berkheimer

This post is part of our Perspectives on Grief series, where we ask our caring staff members to share their personal experiences with grief. For more...

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9 Winter Health Concerns and Senior Safety Tips

Throughout the winter months, snow, ice and cold temperatures can make life difficult for anyone—especially our aging loved ones.

Seniors run a...

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Veteran Burial Benefits: Am I Eligible?

Serving in the U.S. Armed Forces is one of the most admirable ways to serve our country. That’s why laying a veteran to rest should be done with the...

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Benefits of Working with a Family Owned Funeral Home

Losing a loved one is a deeply personal and difficult time in your life, which is why it’s so important to work with a funeral home that truly...

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How to Write an Obituary: Four Steps to Capturing a Loved One’s Life Story

Writing an obituary for a loved one may feel overwhelming. It may be difficult to keep track of the important details you wish to include as you deal...

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Meet Our Staff: The Endearing Embalmers of Busch

At Busch, we stand behind providing genuine, inspired and personalized care to the families we serve.

In our 100+ years serving Northeast Ohio, we’ve...

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Senior Living in Cleveland: Find the Level of Care that Best Suits Your Loved One

As a family caregiver, having the senior living conversation with an aging loved one can be a tricky task. After all, making the transition from a...

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Can I Be Cremated and Buried?

It’s common for those considering cremation as a final disposition method to believe a traditional burial in a cemetery—alongside their loved...

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6 Steps to Creating and Conquering Your Bucket List

Mark Twain once said, “Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things you didn’t do than by the ones you did do.”

Life is too...

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What We Lost in the Pandemic

The last few years have been about survival—COVID-19 emerged on the scene and changed life as we knew it. Nearly three years later we are still...

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Cremation Authorization Form: 3 Steps to Fill It Out

After a loss, there are several time-sensitive tasks to complete. If your loved one chose cremation as their final disposition method, one of the...

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What Happens When Your Family Glue Passes Away?

In every family, there is always at least one person who seemingly holds everyone together—we often think of them as the family “glue.”

The family...

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