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10 Features You’ll Notice at a Top Northeast Ohio Funeral Home

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Finding the best funeral home for your loved one’s funeral or memorial service is a highly personal and emotional decision to make in your time of grief. Different criteria and features come into play on a family-by-family basis including location, price or past experience.

 However, always remember that funeral homes should work with you to meet your needs and budget without asking you to sacrifice your loved one’s wishes or service.

If you’re searching for a top funeral home to hold your loved one’s funeral or memorial, be sure you do your research before making the final decision. Read below for 10 factors you’ll notice at a top funeral home to ensure you’re meeting your family’s wishes, needs and price point.

1. Caring Staff 

First and foremost, a top funeral home in your area will offer your family a caring staff. From the operator who answers the phone to the funeral director at a service, all staff members should be respectful of your wishes, professional and accommodating during your time of need.

2. Updated Facilities

A funeral or memorial service should be as special as the life of your loved one. This rings true for the funeral home you select, as well. A top funeral home will offer you an updated, clean and aesthetically pleasing facility. For example, top funeral homes may have:

  • Catering / banquet room for luncheon-style gatherings.
  • Modern furniture, carpet and service rooms.
  • Ample on-site parking to accommodate groups of any size.
  • Clean, updated restrooms in various areas of the home.
  • Lounge areas to talk with guests before, during or after a service. 

Overall, an updated facility helps improve the level of comfort, satisfaction and service during a family’s time of need.

3. Technology Enhancements 

Today, we rely more heavily on technology than ever, and a funeral or memorial service should be no different. The use of technology throughout a funeral home can help to personalize the service and create a better experience for families.

Top funeral homes should offer your family technological advancements like:

  • Audio options to stream your loved one’s favorite music.
  • TVs to play photo slideshows or videos of your loved one.
  • Wi-Fi to meet the needs of you and your guests during a service.

4. Convenient Locations 

A top funeral home will offer families multiple, convenient locations to meet their travel logistics, budget and needs.

At Busch, we serve the Northeast Ohio community at seven different locations. Learn more about our locations.

5. Positive Reviews

We depend on the recommendations of our friends and families to make a decision. Selecting a funeral home should be no different. When researching top funeral homes, inquire if they have testimonials from previous families. This will help you to understand the level of service past families who chose that funeral home received.

 6. Round-the-Clock Care

Just as the funeral home should give your family a caring staff, you’ll also notice that a top funeral home offers you round-the-clock care. We aren’t able to plan when a loved one passes, which means these tragedies may occur overnight, on the weekend or on holidays. 

Top funeral homes will be available 24/7—even on nights, weekends and holidays— to help you make arrangements and answer any questions your family has.

7. On-Site Crematory

For families that select cremation, top funeral homes should offer an on-site crematory. This way, you can rest assured that your loved one never leaves the care of the facility. That means there is no risk of mixed up cremains, and the guarantee that your loved one is treated with dignity.

Also, a top funeral home will allow you to tour the crematory before making a decision. This helps you evaluate the facility, ask questions and understand the process.

8. Accommodations for Guests

Accommodations for guests with handicapped needs are a must at a funeral, particularly if elderly family or friends are present. A funeral home should offer your handicapped guests accessible restrooms, ramps to enter or exit the home, and nearby (and ample) parking.

9. Resources for Grief Support 

After a loved one dies, the process doesn’t end after the funeral or memorial service. Grieving is a natural and necessary part of the healing process, and top funeral homes should have plentiful resources to help you adjust beyond the service. 

Ask the funeral home you’re researching if they can direct you to a local support group. Even better, see if they offer families grief support resources like blog posts, videos and brochures to help them cope.

10. Range of Products and Services

A funeral home should never turn you away due to your budget. That means a top funeral home will have several funeral or memorial service packages and price points.

A funeral home should work with your family to purchase other funeral needs at an on-site remembrance center. These centers ensure families only have one bill without purchasing from multiple locations. Plus, on-site remembrance centers allow you to see and feel the quality of the product you’re purchasing like caskets, burial vaults, personalized memorabilia and more. 

Busch Funeral and Crematory Service is Northeast Ohio’s preferred provider of cremation, burial and preplanning services. To see how Busch ranks as a top funeral home in your area, contact us for more information, or read what others have said about our service.

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Jim Busch
Jim Busch
Owner and president of our firm. Fourth generation funeral director and certified crematory operator, Jim is guided by his principles in faith, family and friends. He loves to hear feedback from our families. Proudly serving Busch families since 1986.

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