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3 Factors to Consider When Selecting a Cleveland Cremation Provider

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Cleveland_Cremation_ProviderFollowing the loss of a loved one, there are upwards of 125 decisions to make in a short timeframe. 

Families who choose cremation must select a cremation provider or funeral home to carry out the services. Choosing the right provider for you and your family can be a difficult decision, especially if there are no prearranged plans in place. But, only a few Cleveland-area providers are capable of handling all aspects of a cremation from beginning to end.

Advance research can help you learn more about your options, so that when it comes to time to evaluate cremation providers, you have the information you need to ask the right questions.

To ensure you get the very best value without sacrificing service, we explain how to choose the right crematory in Cleveland for your family’s needs, plus questions to consider below.

1. Understand Service Offerings

Knowing which cremation offering is right for your loved one is dependent on the type of service you have in mind. 

Cremation offers the same service options as burial. The difference is that families can choose whether services occur before or after the cremation takes place, and whether the body (or cremated remains) is present for services.

Common cremation services include:

  • Funeral / wake, which occurs before the cremation with the body present.
  • Memorial service, which occurs before the cremation without the body present.
  • Offsite gathering, which occurs after the cremation without the body present.

Services will differ depending on whether you choose to have a simple or full service cremation. Simple cremation, for example, is a disposition method in which a body is cremated without a formal service conducted before or after the process. This option is designed to be a simple process, offering flexible and affordable cremation for families with limited budgets.

As you set out to make arrangements, talk to the staff about the services offered. This will help you select the right options for your needs.

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2. Choose a Reputable Provider

No matter what service(s) you choose, a reputable cremation provider should have a clear chain of custody throughout the cremation process. This refers to the “chronological documentation of the custody, control, transfer, analysis and disposition of deceased.” 

Some funeral homes use a third-party crematory, where the body temporarily leaves the care of the staff. In the past, funeral homes have been criticized for carelessly mixing up cremated remains during the cremation process.

To ensure that your family won’t be a victim of cremation mix-up, choose a service provider that has an on-site crematory. You’ll be more confident knowing your loved one’s body remains under the care of one facility through the entire process.

If a provider outsources their cremations, inquire about how they guarantee that the cremated remains you receive are those of your loved one. 

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3. Inquire About Cremation Costs

While generally lower cost than burial, cremation pricing varies greatly depending on the products and services selected.

Common cremation costs include:

  • Transfer of the deceased.
  • Services of licensed professional staff.
  • Dignified care of the deceased.
  • Selected services.
  • Cremation container.
  • Final resting place.

Additional fees may include embalming, which is required if you have a funeral or wake before your loved one is cremated. Other fees include remembrance items (decorative keepsakes, memorial candles and flowers) and stationary products (register books, service bulletins and memorial folders). 

Before signing off on anything, ask for a written statement showing exactly what is being purchased and the cost of each item. Under no circumstance should a cremation provider make you feel uncomfortable when asking questions about pricing.

Above all else, your comfort with the staff should be a top priority when choosing a crematory to arrange services with, as you’ll be relying on them to carry out final wishes. Selecting the right provider is an important decision and can help in the healing process after losing a loved one. 

Learn Everything You Need to Know About Cremation 

If you or a loved one is considering cremation, it’s imperative to understand your options and associated costs. When choosing a cremation provider, refer to our guide, Cremation Costs Explained: How to Get the Best Value Without Sacrificing Service to help you select the right options for your needs.

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Jim Busch
Jim Busch
Owner and president of our firm. Fourth generation funeral director and certified crematory operator, Jim is guided by his principles in faith, family and friends. He loves to hear feedback from our families. Proudly serving Busch families since 1986.

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