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4 Present and Future Benefits of Preplanning

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Planning a funeral can be overwhelming. Many decisions need to be made, from final resting place to service or memorial details, and after a death occurs, it can be difficult to make these arrangements when grieving.

To protect your loved ones during this emotional time, you may want to consider preplanning your funeral or cremation.

Preplanning alleviates the need for your friends and family to make tough decisions when grieving and can relieve some of the financial burden for your family and friends.

Continue reading for a more in depth look at the benefits of preplanning.

1. Personalize Your Services

Preplanning offers the opportunity to make your end-of-life services special and personal. Do you have any distinctive music or flower requests for your memorial service? Or perhaps you would like your ashes scattered somewhere unique? Preplanning allows you to make decisions for a service that will be meaningful and comforting for your loved ones.

2. Organize Important Information

Compiling vital information into one place will allow your loved ones to easily locate your documents. When you preplan, a copy of some of these documents can even be kept on file at the funeral home. Below are just a few examples:

  • Birth certificate
  • Will
  • Advanced directives
  • Military records
  • Life insurance
  • Notification contact list

3. Manage Digital Assets

Creating a digital asset plan can be an important part of your preplanning process.

Without making arrangements for your digital assets, your loved ones may have difficulty accessing important accounts and information, resulting in stressful legal situations.

By preplanning, you can make arrangements and requests regarding things like private emails, online bank statements, social media accounts, and more.

4. Ease the Grieving Process

Preplanning your funeral or cremation makes it easier for family members to coordinate details and spend time with family and friends as they mourn. Enjoying the company of loved ones and reflecting on happy memories can support the grieving process.

Funeral Preplanning Financial Guide

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