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    6 Thoughtful Gift Ideas for Grieving Loved Ones

    Posted by Mark Busch December 10, 2015

     The age old saying, “It’s the thought that counts,” is especially true when giving gifts to grieving loved ones during the holidays. Unfortunately, there is no gift big enough to take away someone’s grief or bring back a loved one. It may seem like a fine line to walk, but reminding someone that you know they’re hurting can be the best gift they receive all season long.

    1. Memorial Ornaments Help Families Grieve and Continue Tradition.

    A small gesture can hold a lot of meaning for someone who recently lost a friend or family member. During the holidays, someone who is grieving may feel especially lonely and sad. When those who passed aren’t joining the festivities these feelings intensify. Gift a memorial ornament, to help friends or family members keep the spirit of the one they lost alive. Ornaments can be easily personalized and are relatively inexpensive.

    Simply reaching out with this small sentiment will let someone know you’re thinking of him or her.

    2. Give the Gift of Comfort Food.

    Food is a large part of the holiday season, and a warm treat can mean a lot to someone who is battling grief. It can be hard to enjoy making festive dishes when thinking about the absence of a departed friend or family member who isn’t around to enjoy the celebration. Take the responsibility of preparing this meal for them. There are plenty of holiday recipes that can provide comfort and a window of happiness that can be shared together.

    3. Memorial Candles are Festive and Sentimental

    Similar to the gift of a memorial ornament, a memorial candle will help honor the memory of those who are lost. When your friend of family member lights their candle in their honor, they will have a physical representation to acknowledge their loved one throughout the season.

    4. Labor of Love: Take the Time to Help.

    When someone is grieving, household chores can easily pile up, and finding the energy to venture out can be daunting. Offer to shovel snow, hang holiday lights or simply invite them out and provide some company. This act of love will warm their hearts and ensure they stay safe during the winter months.

    5. Keepsake Jewelry Keeps Loved Ones Close to the Heart.

    If the person who passed away chose cremation, keepsake jewelry makes a wonderful gift. Each piece is beautifully designed to honor the person who has passed. This is sure to be your loved one’s new favorite piece of jewelry as they keep their friend or family member close to their heart.

    6. Give Your Loved One a Call

    Calling to let someone know you’re thinking of them could be the best part of their day. When you’re talking on the phone, take the opportunity to extend the invitation to coffee, lunch or even over to your home for the holidays. Having these conversations over the phone takes the pressure off of each party, and it will mean a lot to the person grieving. Although this isn’t a tangible gift, kindness and the gift of your time goes a long way for someone who is carrying the weight of grief during the holiday season.

    Regardless which gift you decide to give, your thoughtfulness will mean the most. Those who are going through this stressful and painful process appreciate their friends and family acknowledging their grief and offering condolences.

    Learn more about how Busch Funeral Homes can help you through your grieving process by visiting our grief support page.

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