Amy Boyd-Kirksey

Interested in what makes each one of us unique and special. Amy says she is privileged to have the opportunity to help families and friends honor those qualities in their loved one. She has a passion for music and words, and enjoys using these tools to remember and celebrate a life.

Funeral Personalization: 8 Unique Funeral Services We’ve Seen

When you hear the word funeral, what comes to mind?

You’re likely picturing a somber event with attendees wearing black attire surrounded by bouquets...

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5 Unique End-of-Life Options to Celebrate Your Loved One

While it’s likely you’ve heard of burial or cremation as a final wish, there are several other end-of-life options to choose from that aren’t as...

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25+ Popular Funeral Songs to Play at an End-of-Life Celebration

Music is an important part of the human experience. It has the power to bring us joy or move us to tears. Music also has the power to add a unique,...

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