David Napoli

David has been in funeral service for over 10 years as a second career, leaving behind seminary life and working in the Catholic Church for a decade. He enjoys all things family, especially exploring the greater Cleveland area and Metro Parks with his wife, two children and their white shepherd.

How to Prepare Yourself for Identifying a Loved One

It’s never easy to lose a loved one, and a devastating event like this is only exacerbated when you also need to identify him or her.

While it’s...

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Top 7 Features to Look for in a Funeral Home in Cleveland and Beyond

What do you look for when selecting a funeral home?

Is it a welcoming staff, a modern building or a convenient location?

While some may view a...

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What to Expect at a Graveside Burial


In your lifetime, you’ll likely experience a variety of end-of-life celebrations, each of them important for finding peace and closure.


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What to Expect at a Catholic Funeral Service

With Catholicism being one of the most popular religions in Ohio, it’s likely you’ll end up attending a Catholic funeral service at some point in...

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Your Top Questions for a Funeral Director, Answered

When it comes to planning a funeral, it’s difficult to consider where to even begin, especially while experiencing a wide range of emotions. If...

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5 Signs a Family Caregiver Needs Support

Serving as the family caregiver can put strains on even the strongest individuals. This can lead to caregiver burnout.

Caregiver burnout is a state...

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