Jim Busch

Owner and president of our firm. Fourth generation funeral director and certified crematory operator, Jim is guided by his principles in faith, family and friends. He loves to hear feedback from our families. Proudly serving Busch families since 1986.

5 Questions to Ask Before Choosing a Cremation Provider

Choosing cremation as a final disposition method is a big decision—and not one every family knows a lot about. Before committing to a cremation ...

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Perspectives on Grief: Jim Busch

There are few experiences more personal than grief.

We all grieve differently. We experience the highs and the lows personally. A healing mechanism...

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Personal Stories from Our Community: Holiday Grief Advice

It’s never easy to lose a loved one. But it’s important to remember that you’re not alone. Sometimes, all you need is to hear from someone who knows...

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How Do You Want to Be Remembered?

What do you want to be remembered by? It’s a heavy question to consider, but important to your personal legacy—both now and after you pass. After...

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7 Ways to Show Your Appreciation on Veterans Day

Considering the number of men and women who have served in our country’s armed forces, it’s very likely that you know a veteran.

Whether it’s a...

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Brothers in Business: Celebrating the Next Chapter of Busch Funeral and Crematory Services

After nearly 40 years of serving Busch Funeral and Crematory Services, and the families and communities of Northeast Ohio, I’m honored to share that...

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6 Certified Green Burial Cemeteries in Ohio

Green cemeteries are popping up across the country, as more people express interest in passing with as little environmental impact as possible.


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4 Types of Burial Options: Which Is Right For You and Your Family?

The type of burial you choose for a loved one is a deeply personal decision for your family, as there are many factors to take into consideration,...

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What Factors Determine the Cost of a Funeral?

You may be shocked to learn the median cost of a funeral with burial has increased 6.5%, and the median cost of a funeral with cremation has...

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Why Your Cremation Provider Matters

There are many factors to consider when arranging a cremation for a loved one. With simple, partial and full cremation packages, it may be difficult...

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What to Do With a Facebook Account After Someone Passes [Series]

The following is part of our series about what to do with a social media account after a death. Each post will comprehensively feature a different...

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3 Legal Requirements for Cremation in Ohio

Each state has its own rules and regulations governing cremation. For example, embalming is not required in the state of Ohio for direct cremation,...

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