Julie Graf Skinner

Funeral director, embalmer and licensed insurance agent helping families make wise decisions about preplanning for nearly 30 years. Photography and crafting are just some of Julie’s creative outlets. Graciously serving Busch families since 1999.

At What Age Should You Plan Your Funeral?

Humans spend a lot of time, money and effort planning for life-changing moments such as marriage, children, or retirement. So, why should planning...

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Why Is It Important to Talk About Death While You’re Still Healthy?

Have you ever thought about how you want to be remembered? Taking the time to consider your answer slowly surfaces what truly matters to you:

  • It...
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Don’t Want a Funeral When You Pass? 4 Reasons Why Your Family Might Need It.

Though end-of-life celebrations have evolved over the years, one constant remains: they continue to play a prominent role in the grieving process.


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Does Preplanning Your Funeral Save Money?

How much would you estimate a funeral costs?

If you were in the ballpark between $7,000 - $10,000, you’re correct, according to research from the NFDA

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What Is an Appointment of Representation Form?

When someone passes, the immediate family is left with balancing both their own grief and preparing funeral arrangements. From informing friends and...

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