Robert Solich

Thirty years of experience helping people on the hardest day of their lives, and one of Busch's longest-standing staff members. Bob provides valuable guidance to families with his expertise and compassion. He serves on two non-profit boards in the greater Cleveland area, promoting healthcare and the arts. Proudly serving Busch families since 1983.

Indigent at Death: 4 Common Questions, Answered

The average cost of a funeral is $7,848—up 6.6% from 2016. However, some families may struggle to find the means to pay for all the expenses included...

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7 Ideas for Supporting a Family Caregiver in Your Life

Today’s family caregivers fill many roles. From chef to chore coordinator to at-home nurse, caring for an ill or aging loved one requires caregivers...

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8 Common Myths About Burial

Burial has long been one of the most common final disposition methods. But that doesn’t mean there aren’t myths or misconceptions around the...

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18 Ways to Cope With Holiday Grief

Coping with the loss of a loved one is difficult, and it can be magnified tenfold during the holidays.

As the holiday season approaches, you might...

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Who Do I Work With When Planning a Funeral?

Whether you are planning a funeral after the loss of a loved one or choosing to preplan your own funeral, chances are you will work with someone from...

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What to Expect at a Buddhist Funeral Service

Cleveland is home to many culturally diverse walks of life, and chances are you may find yourself attending a gathering of some sort for someone...

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What Documents Do I Need to Arrange a Funeral?

Losing a loved one is already a stressful time, and it’s up to the surviving family members to make final arrangements—on top of dealing with grief.  

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My Loved One Passed Away. Who Do I Call?

Losing someone you love is one of life’s biggest challenges. The pain of loss can feel overwhelming causing you to experience a wide array of...

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What to Expect at a Hindu or Sikh Funeral Service

One of the joys of our richly diverse Cleveland community is sharing in the cultural practices of others, especially when they’re different from your...

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