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Humble Heroes of Northeast Ohio: Busch’s 2021 Caregiver Award Winners

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Our Busch Caregiver Award program was created in 2016 to recognize and honor the service and sacrifice of caregivers in the Northeast Ohio community.

Nominees may be a hospice professional, physician, nurse, chaplain, social worker, clergy, deacon, volunteer or anyone else who is seen as a caregiver. Winners are honored on Busch’s website, a mass email and social media channels, and are given a gift card and plaque for their commitment to serving others.

We’re incredibly grateful for these individuals and their compassionate, selfless efforts to make the world a better place. From the entire Busch family and staff, thank you for your participation in this program. Read on for a compilation of the past year’s winners.

January Recipient: Cindy Edwards

The January Caregiver of the Month Award was given to Cindy Edwards, a Hospice Aid at O’Neill Healthcare Lakewood. Her nominators, Reverend Tom Pussel and Hospice Director Ann Crum, describe Cindy as upbeat, energetic, hardworking and someone who connects with her clients with a good sense of humor. They say Cindy is a true “frontline hero.”


February Recipient: Denise Villwock

The February Caregiver of the Month Award was given to Denise Villwock, a Certified Hospice Nursing Assistant at Hospice of Western Reserve's Ames Family Hospice House. Her nominator describes Denise as someone who always goes the extra mile for her patients and their families. They say the extra touch Denise provides always means so much.


March Recipient: Courtney Kania Young

The March Caregiver of the Month Award was given to Courtney Kania Young, Volunteer Coordinator and harpist at Visiting Nurses Association (VNA) of Ohio. Her nominator describes Courtney as someone with compassion who always wants to give even more to the hospice patients of VNA. They say watching Courtney share the beauty of her music with her harp is “absolutely magical,” as is the response from VNA patients.


April Recipient: Laura Peltz

The April Caregiver of the Month Award was given to Laura Peltz, Holy Family Hospice Volunteer. Her nominators describe Laura as someone who is compassionate, caring and selfless in her service. They say Laura always accepts any request to visit patients—whether as a friendly visitor or a vigil sitter. “She is a true blessing to Holy Family Hospice.”


May Recipient: Tim Morrison

The May Caregiver of the Month Award was given to Tim Morrison, Continuum Care Hospice Chaplain. Tim's nominators describe him as someone who goes to infinity and beyond what is expected of him. They say that no matter the circumstances, Tim continuously provides very nice services for the families he works with.


June Recipient: Aljana Mihelich

The June Caregiver of the Month Award was given to Hospice Aide Aljana Mihelich of O’Neill Healthcare. Her nominators describe Aljana as someone who families can always count on. They say she is constantly requested to be seen by families who observe her work from around O’Neill.


July Recipient: Trish James

The July Caregiver of the Month Award was given to Trish James, Parma Heights Senior Center Director. Trish's nominators describe her as someone who goes above and beyond with keeping the meals and programs going in a variety of safe and comfortable ways for the seniors in Parma Heights.


August Recipient: Lanajah Nazario

The August Caregiver of the Month Award was given to Compassus Hospice Home Health STNA Lanajah Nazario. Her nominators describe Lanajah as a rare person who truly makes the lives better for those she cares for. "Lanajah uses her one-on-one time to make each visit the best.”


September Recipient: Lisa Boesel

The September Caregiver of the Month Award was given to Hospice Nursing Assistant Lisa Boesel of Hospice of the Western Reserve. Lisa's nominators describe her as someone who is “always getting rave reviews, not only from the homecare patients/families, but also for the care she provides in nursing facilities."


October Recipient: Jacki Schneeweiss

The October Caregiver of the Month Award was given to Hospice Social Worker Jacki Schneeweiss of Continuum Care Hospice. Jacki's nominators describe her as someone who goes above and beyond every day. "No task is too daunting for her to tackle." They say Jacki loves her job, and it is reflected in her daily interactions with patients and staff. “We are thankful to have Jacki on our team.”


November Recipients: Marsha Wisser and Morgan Frenk

The November Caregiver of the Month Award was given to LIFE: A Dementia Friendly Foundation Volunteers—who happen to be grandmother and granddaughter—Marsha Wisser (left) and Morgan Frenk (right). Throughout the pandemic, Morgan and Marsha put together care packages with goodies and activities, and delivered them to homebound group members at LIFE. Their nominator says how both "always go above and beyond and are so instrumental in helping make a difference."


2021 Caregiver of the Year

At the end of every year, we award Caregiver of the Year to an individual who has gone above and beyond. With all the winners being so deserving for all they do, this year, we drew a name from the winners present at the luncheon and our 2021 Caregiver of the Year goes to Marsha Wisser—November winner from L.I.F.E. – A Dementia Friendly Group in Vermilion, OH/Lorain County). The world is a better and safer place because of Marsha and all the other caregivers in the world. The entire Busch family and staff are eternally grateful for all your hard work and dedication!


Feel Confident in Your Role as a Caregiver

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Heidi Thimke
Heidi Thimke
Creates personalized and meaningful celebration of life services. Heidi’s calling is helping families pay tribute to their loved ones in meaningful ways. As a lifelong Lorain County resident, she has been involved with her hometown church, Boy Scouts, Girls Scouts and schools. Proudly serving Busch families since 2012.

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