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5 Funeral Technologies to Enrich a Celebration of Life

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The thought of planning a funeral can feel daunting at times. You’re tasked with many steps, from sharing service information with loved ones, to paying tribute to those who have passed. 

Although there are many details to pull together in a short time, technology can help bring all of the elements of your loved one’s life together.

From an online guest book and personalized tribute, to other digital keepsakes, technology is changing the way we memorialize loved ones and leave our legacies.

Continue reading to learn about five technologies that can help you honor your loved one’s life.

1. Online Memorial

An online memorial creates a place where family and friends can connect with one another to honor and remember those who have passed. And as with other technology advancements in our lives, there are several online options for memorializing a lost loved one. 

For example, Legacy.com offers a variety of templates and designs for you to create a highly personalized page with audio, video and photos.

If you need help writing a memorial for your loved one, our past blog post offers three simple steps you can follow.

2. Funeral Livestreaming

We understand that there will be times family or friends will be unable to attend the funeral services. Funeral livestreaming is a convenient solution for those who are not able to attend in-person.

Busch offers private, secure livestreaming of our funeral services at all of our locations. With access to the internet, your loved ones will be able to view the service from anywhere in the world. Busch also offers mobile livestreaming of your event, with the permission of the church, cemetery, or other facility or organization.

Beyond that, funeral homes who provide livestreaming options can develop copies of the service for family members to keep long after their loved one has passed. For more on funeral livestreaming, contact Busch to learn about our capabilities.

3. Video Tributes

It can be difficult trying to figure out the best possible way to portray a life lived. With the creation of a video tribute, families can paint a picture of a loved one’s entire life with the combination of photos, music and video.  

There are several resources available online for families to create high-quality tribute videos with ease. For example, Busch works with you to design and produce a personalized tribute that honors your beliefs and the legacy of your loved one. You can provide us with each of these assets using one or more of the following options: 

  • Upload to a personalized, secure link that our staff can create for you.
  • Upload to a flash drive, provided during your arrangement conference.
  • Bring photos to the funeral home for our staff to scan. 

This adds another option for families to consider when guests are unable to attend the actual funeral service.

4. Personalized Music Playlist

Music can express what words cannot. Our caring staff is ready to create a customized playlist of music for you and your guests to listen to during visitations, services or any other events in our funeral home. Provide us with your selections including:

  • Genre of music preferred.
  • Specific song titles.
  • Specific artists. 

Our staff will then create your special musical tribute to be played during any and/or all funeral events within our facilities.

5. Gravestone Technology

With new technology, a gravestone doesn’t have to be just a name and date anymore. For instance, Personal RosettaStones are small tablets that can be affixed to headstones, capable of storing up to 1,000 words and a picture. These high-tech headstones offer:

  • A more positive experience.
  • A new way for friends and family to remember those they’ve lost.
  • The ability the leave a better legacy.
  • A way for memories to be stored and accessible forever.

Let Us Help You Plan a Personalized End-of-Life Celebration

Busch offers technology to personalize your loved one’s memorial service, as well as a supportive, caring staff that is available 24/7 to meet your needs. Contact us at any time for more information.

Contact us for funeral planning.

Editor's note: This post was originally published in 2018, and has been updated for comprehensiveness. 

Melissa Steele-Steeber
Melissa Steele-Steeber
Designs and implements processes and tech that keep our organization running smoothly to better serve customers. Melissa loves going on adrenaline-inducing adventures and spending time with her husband, two children, two dogs, two cats, two rats and a ball python. Graciously assisting the Busch staff since 2015.

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