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Family Conversation Topics for Around the Table

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How well do you know the people who matter most to you? You probably know a lot about the people you love, but perhaps there are questions you’ve never thought to ask.

Take a second and think about the last time you sat down and had a meaningful conversation with them. Was it last night? Last month? Last year?

Funeral and Memorial Information Council (FAMIC) is here to help to help you have deeper, more meaningful conversations with your loved ones. The FAMIC created Have the Talk of a Lifetime to help families engage in important conversations about the things that matter most to them. Whether the conversation lasts 20 minutes or two hours, learn how you can have the Talk of a Lifetime. For more information about the talk and how to get started, download the free ebook, or continue reading below for family conversation topics.

What is the Talk of a Lifetime?

Too often, life gets in the way. We get busy and we don’t make time to visit our loved ones as often as we should. To change that, have the talk. The talk is designed to bring friends and family closer together through conversation.

The Talk of a Lifetime is meant to be a rich and satisfying experience. By having meaningful conversations about what has shaped our loved ones’ lives, families can learn more about one another. From treasured possessions to favorite family traditions, these conversations can cover an array of different topics. Some questions may be more serious than others, so it’s best to start with a simple question like the sample below. It’s important to listen with an open heart and mind throughout this exercise in order to walk away feeling closer to those you love.

Sample Question: Tell me three words that you feel best describe you.

Why is having the Talk important?

Having the Talk of a Lifetime can help reacquaint you with those you love in a new and different way. Whether the conversation is with your grandpa, sister or oldest friend, the talk is meant to help you reaffirm to your loved ones the difference they’ve made in your life. Beyond that, the talk is a great exercise for family gatherings, dinner dates and road trips.

Sample Question: Who has been the most influential person in your life?

How do I start the Talk?

The talk is easy. Simply find a time that works best for you and your loved one(s). Whether that is around the table after dinner or over coffee on a Sunday afternoon. From there, take turns asking and answering different questions. This exercise shouldn’t be rushed, nor feel like a burden. This is meant to bring you closer to the people you care about. So take your time with this, and remember—have fun!

The questions can be found online at www.talkofalifetime.org, or you can follow along during the month of June as Busch Funeral Homes encourages followers to engage in the #TalkOfALifetime. Each day, Busch will share family conversation topics on their Twitter and Facebook, so be sure to follow along.

Sample Question: Describe the most adventurous thing you’ve ever done?

For more ideas on family conversation starters, download our free guide, the Essential Guide to Meaningful Conversation

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Cathy Nichols
Cathy Nichols
Considers it an honor as a Certified Celebrant to listen to life stories, and then design and conduct meaningful tributes. Cathy also trains celebrants nationally, equipping them to share those legacies in ways that comfort and enlighten. Honorably serving Busch families since 2004.

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