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    Funeral Homes: 5 Features to Look For in a Facility

    Posted by Jim Busch September 28, 2017

    Avon_Busch_Funeral_Home.jpgA funeral or memorial service should be as special as the life of your loved one. This rings true for the funeral home you select, as well.

    At Busch, we believe a top funeral home will offer you an updated, clean and comfortable facility with a caring staff and around-the-clock care. That the facility can and should be a direct reflection of the funeral home’s role in providing comfort to families and facilitating a true celebration of life.

    This philosophy was a driving force behind the investment in renovating our Avon facility, which was completed in July. Here are the aspects we focused on—and why you should look for these features in any funeral home you choose for your family.

    1. Accessibility

    When choosing where to arrange a funeral service, accessibility is key. It’s important to consider the location of the facility. Is it easily accessible from main roads and highways? Chances are that some guests will be coming from out of town, so you want to choose a facility that attendees can easily find. 

    In addition, if elderly or physically disabled friends and family are present at the funeral, you’ll want to make sure the facility is easily navigable. Some questions to ask when choosing a funeral home include: 

    • Does the facility have an elevator for guests to maneuver from floor to floor?
    • Does the facility have ample on-site parking to accommodate a variety of group sizes?
    • Does the facility have ramps to enter or exit the funeral home? 

    Accessibility allows for all loved ones and friends to attend and celebrate the life of the deceased.

    2. Comfortable Environment 

    When choosing a funeral home, there are many factors to consider regarding the space. An updated facility helps improve the level of comfort, satisfaction and service during your family’s time of need. 

    Some features to consider that a renovated facility may have: 

    • Modern furniture, carpet and service rooms for gatherings.
    • A suitable environment for interacting with guests, with spaces that encourage gathering.
    • Available catering or banquet room for luncheon-style gatherings.
    • Clean, updated restrooms.
    • Ample room to accommodate large gatherings—and comfortable spaces for small, intimate memorials. 

    You want to make sure your guests have access to a variety of amenities before, during and after the service, and feel safe and comfortable throughout. 

    >> See for yourself: Schedule a tour of our newly renovated Avon location.

    3. Welcoming Staff 

    Your comfort with the staff should be a main priority when choosing a funeral home, as you’ll be relying on them to facilitate the wishes of your family and deceased loved one. How certain do you feel that each funeral home you’re considering will respect your wishes, budget and needs? If you don’t feel completely comfortable and confident in a funeral home’s ability to carry out your loved one’s last wishes, consider looking for a facility that can ensure your needs are met. 

    When it comes to a caring, welcoming staff, consider these questions:

    • Do they understand or have experience with my religious needs?
    • Do they respect my cultural needs?
    • Is the staff helpful, attentive and available?

    Finding a funeral home with a compassionate, experienced staff will help you get through this difficult time, and ensure your loved one’s final wishes are fulfilled.

    4. Catering Services 

    Not every home offers the same goods and services. That’s why it’s important to consider catering services when choosing a funeral home. 

    If you’re planning to have a luncheon following the funeral, you’ll need to have access to a caterer. A funeral home that provides catering services exclusively allows for easy planning and 100% guaranteed satisfaction. Plus, with an on-site catering and banquet space, your guests only have to travel to one location without worrying about the logistics of another meeting spot. Additionally, many caterers offer the choice of beer or wine with meals, so check with the funeral home you’re choosing to see if they have the ability to offer alcoholic beverages. 

    Oftentimes, a facility without designated caterers charges an extra fee.

    5. Indoor and Outdoor Accommodations 

    Similar to accessibility, indoor/outdoor accommodations are important features to consider when choosing a funeral home.

    By having access to a walkout patio, courtyard or garden, guests can come and go as they please and enjoy the fresh air during their time at the home. Plus, they don’t have to feel confined to one space. Instead, they can maneuver about the facility freely, interacting with guests both indoors and outdoors.

    Another feature that often goes overlooked is windows. Exposure to natural light can enhance your mood and help with the grieving process.

    As you can see, there are several features to look for when choosing a funeral home. For more information on our newly renovated facilities, check out our locations page, or contact Busch for questions.

    Busch Funeral and Crematory Services Invites You to the Newly Renovated Avon Location

    Deemed a historical landmark by the city of Avon, Ohio, our Avon location offers a variety of amenities to help celebrate the life of your loved one. Great for gatherings, our newly renovated facility overlooks the sixth hole of the Avon Oaks Country Club.

    With full residential windows, soft seating for 60 people, a walkout patio and full kitchenette, our up-to-date and accommodating space will allow for a meaningful end-of-life celebration.  

    Interested in visiting our updated facility? Schedule a tour to get to know our staff and see if our Avon location suits your needs.


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