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Funeral Preplanning: The Missing Piece in Your End-of-Life Plans

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Have you ever had that feeling that something important is missing? Maybe a recipe needed an extra teaspoon of sugar, or your favorite puzzle’s final piece was nowhere to be found. The final product isn’t quite right when you don’t have all the ingredients or pieces to put it together.

The same is true when you’re finalizing your end-of-life plans. Drafting your will and documenting your medical wishes are steps you should take. But, if you plan for the end of your life without planning your funeral, you just took away that final puzzle piece.

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Preplanning your funeral is a crucial part of your end-of-life plans. Continue reading to understand why funeral preplanning is the final piece to a smooth transition for your family.

Why People Plan for End-of-Life

End-of-life planning includes drafting a will and making important medical decisions. It’s common for people to make these plans because they want to be prepared in case something were to happen unexpectedly.

For many, the primary motivation is to save family members from having to make emotional decisions and to ease their stress. Medical and financial decisions are very personal and affect your entire family. Documenting a plan for your care and allocating the funds ahead of time makes your wishes clear and prevents possible disagreements.

Funeral Preplanning

Funeral preplanning takes end-of-life planning to completion by prearranging how you want your life to be celebrated. By not preplanning, your family will have to endure the stress of arranging your funeral during one of the hardest times of their lives.

The grieving process is composed of important steps that can be overshadowed by the rush of planning a funeral at the last minute. Allow your surviving friends and family to spend time together and focus on what’s most important at that time. This way, the days leading up to your funeral are meant for family members to prepare to say goodbye and receive condolences.

In addition, funerals are expensive and costs continue to rise. Preplanning allows you to pre-pay at today’s rates so no one is left with the financial burden.

Find the Missing Piece

While preplanning may be intimidating to a lot of people, it doesn’t have to be. Learn how Busch Funeral and Crematory Services can help you preplan. Our caring advisors walk you through the process in one appointment so you can add the final piece to the puzzle. 


Funeral Preplanning Financial Guide

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