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How to Create a Unique Cremation Service Memorial

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When planning a cremation memorial you have many options to choose from, and a personalized tribute can be a loving way to say goodbye.

Every memorial service should be as exceptional as the person who died. Was your loved one always the life of the party? Or, was he or she more low-key and traditional? There are plenty of ways to make the service unique, whether you’re planning an over-the-top celebration or quiet remembrance.

Continue reading to learn how to plan a personalized memorial service.

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1. Start by Thinking About the Life Lived

Ask yourself, what did the deceased truly love about life? If he or she was passionate about particular hobbies, a themed memorial can help you celebrate them.

David Lowery of Elyria loved hot-rods and owned up to 15. When he passed, his family and friends arranged to have his hot-rod cars on display at his memorial. This was a special way to bring people together to mourn the loss of their friend in a way he would have appreciated.

Memorial services don’t have to be extravagant. There are simple and meaningful ways to add personal touches. No matter how large or small the gesture, adding personal details to a memorial service that celebrates the life lived will bring people together and ease the grieving process.

2. Consider a Certified Celebrant™

Busch Funeral and Crematory Services offer Certified Celebrants™ who can help facilitate specialized services. Having someone host your loved one’s memorial service allows you to focus on receiving condolences and spending time with family and friends.

Celebrants help families ensure their tribute is personalized in accordance with the person’s wishes. During the service, Certified Celebrants™ lead families in reflecting on the meaning of life and death to begin a healthy grieving process.

3. Enhance the Service With Personalization Options

Personalization can often be found in the details. A favorite blossom, memorable song and snapshots of fond memories can highlight important moments throughout someone’s life.

Some funeral homes have their own flower shop, which makes it easy for friends and family to place orders and ensure the gift makes it to the right place in time.

Play music in the background of the memorial to comfort those in attendance. If your loved one had a favorite artist or album, mourners will find comfort in hearing something that reminds them of the person they lost.

Hang artwork that represents the person who passed away. It’s a great way to personalize the service and bring color to the room. Artwork can include anything from paintings to photography. Those who attend the service will find comfort in seeing visuals that remind them of the person who has passed.

Offer digital and hard copy guest books where people can leave their written condolences. This gives people the chance to leave their remembrance, and family members will have kind words to look back on.

There are many options to choose from. Adding finishing touches can make a memorial more personal, and a funeral home can help you figure out what to choose based on your family’s individual needs.

4. Choose A Final Resting Place

A final resting place is a very personal decision, and you have plenty of options to consider.

Some people scatter cremains in the ocean or in other bodies of water near a loved one’s favorite vacation spot. Other examples include at their home, in their garden or at church.

You can even incorporate the scattering of cremains into the memorial. After the service, you can gather family and friends at the site and spread the cremains together. However, it’s important to talk to your funeral director before you decide on a final resting place. There are laws regarding the scattering and transporting of cremated remains that vary by location. Funeral directors are familiar with these legal issues and can help you through the process.

Partner With A Trusted Funeral Home

Planning a cremation is time-consuming and can lead to unexpected costs and stress. Funeral homes can work with you to manage all the details of your loved one’s cremation. Additionally, a funeral home with an on-site crematory guarantees that your loved one never leaves their care.

Relying on a caring funeral home will give you peace of mind and afford you much needed time to grieve with family and friends. Contact Busch Funeral Homes and Crematory Services to learn more about how we can help you create a loving memorial.

Download our cremation costs explained guide

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