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    How to Write An Obituary for a Loved One in Three Steps

    Posted by Cathy Nichols January 25, 2018

    Write-Obituary.pngWhile the responsibility of writing an obituary for a loved one can be overwhelming, it can help you recall fond memories, celebrate their achievements and honor their legacy.

    What’s more, an obituary grants you the opportunity to tell a story and capture the essence of your loved one.

    To help you get started, this post offers three steps to help you write a heartfelt and meaningful obituary.

    1. Weave Basic Details Into Your Narrative

    Obituaries serve as a way to inform the community of a death and to provide service arrangements and donation information. Most obituaries list basic information, such as the name, age, hometown, family members, career and birthdate of the deceased.

    While these facts are important to include, you can craft a more memorable and meaningful narrative by weaving them into a compelling story. For instance, you can share a story about your loved one’s childhood to reveal where they grew up. 

    If you are still unsure of how you’d like to structure your obit, consider using this template to help guide your writing.

    2. Highlight Notable Interests and Accomplishments

    In order to capture the true essence of your loved one, be sure to highlight their most notable hobbies, interests and accomplishments. Focus on the positive aspects of their life and reveal details that made your loved one unique. Then, use your memories and the stories of others to support these details.

    To help spark ideas for your writing, consider these tips: 

    • Create a list of their most notable life accomplishments.
    • Find a quiet space for undisrupted personal reflection.
    • Sift through old photos of your loved one.
    • Speak with close family and friends about your loved one.
    • Go to a location your loved one most frequently visited.

    3. Work with a Funeral Director to Craft Your Loved One’s Life Story 

    Trusted funeral directors have useful resources on-hand and can offer support, advice and guidance as you write your obituary.

    At Busch Funeral Homes, we are dedicated to helping you through the entire planning and bereavement process. Contact one of our caring professionals to learn how we can help you craft a placement that honors the legacy of your loved one for years to come. 

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    Editor’s note: This post was originally published in August 2016, and has been updated for 2018. 

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