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    Is Simple Cremation Right for My Loved One? 3 Factors to Keep in Mind

    Posted by Jim Busch November 1, 2018

    Simple-CremationAre you looking for ways to reduce the number of steps and stick to a budget in planning final arrangements for a loved one? If so, simple cremation may be right for you and your family.

    Simple cremation is a disposition method in which a body is cremated without a formal service conducted before or after the process. This option, sometimes referred to as direct cremation, is designed to be a simple process, offering flexible and affordable cremation for families with limited budgets.

    For more information about simple cremation, plus ways to identify a reputable provider, continue reading below.  

    1. Identify a Reputable Provider

    Choosing the right provider for end-of-life arrangements can make a huge difference during your time of need. While cost is an important factor for most families when considering simple cremation, you’ll want to select a professional provider that you can trust will care for your loved one with integrity.

    Unfortunately, not all simple cremation providers can be trusted to take the utmost care and compassion when handling your loved one. Some low-cost providers cut corners and sacrifice service, resulting in situations like cremated remains mix-ups. Be aware of the crematory’s chain of custody, if the crematory is on or offsite, and how they identify and transfer your loved one.

    Additionally, some simple cremation facilities have been known to overcharge grieving families who are unaware of common cremation practices. A quick review of cremation laws in your state could save you from being scammed into spending more money.

    Before arranging a cremation, make sure to do research. As you browse online, look for reviews and testimonials that can help eliminate ill-fitting options before making calls and visits.

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    2. Steps for Arranging a Simple Cremation

    Most simple cremation providers offer a straightforward process for grieving families. 

    Before a cremation can take place, however, law-abiding cremation providers in Ohio require families to complete the following steps:

    • Obtain a death certificate from the state in which your loved one died.
    • Obtain a physician’s signature to file with your local registrar.
    • Complete a cremation authorization form, signifying you’re authorized to arrange a cremation in Ohio.
    • Identify your loved one. Depending on the crematory, this can be done either in-person or online through an identification portal.
    • Meet with the cremation provider to submit paperwork.

    Note while other funeral homes and crematories may help you with these steps, many simple cremation providers are able to maintain low prices by having families take care of these responsibilities on their own.

    If the provider doesn’t enforce these requirements, you may want to reconsider your options.

    3. Costs Associated with Simple Cremation

    Simple cremation is often cheaper than other disposition options because common costs are avoided, such as the purchase of a casket, planning of a funeral service, embalming of a body and so on.

    A simple cremation package generally includes, but is not limited, to the following:

    • Transportation of the deceased to the crematory.
    • Care of the deceased with refrigeration (no embalming required).
    • Crematory fee.
    • Basic cremation container and urn. 

    When researching simple cremation providers, ask to see a general price list. This will detail the included costs, as well as items for purchase. The funeral home and/or crematory may have additional offerings, including keepsake cremation containers and urns, as well as jewelry options.

    No matter your wishes, simple cremation is designed for financial and planning flexibility. 

    Get the Best Price Without Sacrificing Service

    To ensure your family’s needs are met while staying within your defined budget, it’s imperative to understand common cremation terms, costs and available options. When choosing a cremation provider, refer to our free guide, Cremation Costs Explained: How to Get the Best Value Without Sacrificing Service to help you select the right options for your needs.

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