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7 Items and Products You’ll Need for a Burial

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Your loved one has chosen burial as their final disposition method.

Now what?

From choosing a casket to finding a location, your to-do list may seem daunting. And in a time of grieving, your stress is magnified as you prepare to say goodbye, and find ways to make their final celebration as unique and special as the life lived.

Below, we prepared this list of items you’ll need to meet your loved one’s end-of-life burial wishes.

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1. Burial Permit

Ohio law states that a burial permit, or permit of disposition, allows a funeral professional to transport your loved one for burial or cremation. To acquire this permit, your loved one’s death certificate must be filed with your local registrar of vital statistics. This is typically handled by a funeral director, though not required.

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2. Burial Plot

A burial plot, also known as a cemetery plot, is where your loved one is laid to rest. A physical location to memorialize them, this place may have had meaning to your loved one— perhaps where their spouse or other family members are buried, or a cemetery they enjoyed taking walks in.

While some people pre-purchase their burial plots, others may not. In those instances, the funeral director you’re working with can help you coordinate with a cemetery of your choice to purchase a burial plot.

If your loved one’s final wish is for a green burial, a method of final disposition where an individual’s remains are buried naturally, your funeral director can help you choose a Green Burial Council certified burial cemetery, such as Foxfield Preserve in Ohio.

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3. Headstone or Grave Marker

Headstones and grave markers are used to help identify your loved one’s location at a burial site. Headstones are raised above the ground, while markers sit flat on the ground. Both options can be customized by type of stone, color and engraving, which can add a unique touch to your loved one’s burial site.

When choosing your engraving, consider the following questions:

  • Was your loved one a father, mother, sibling, aunt or uncle?
  • Did your loved one have a unique passion, such as cooking, volunteering or singing?
  • Did your loved one have a favorite quote or song lyric?

These prompts can help you choose which words and symbols to engrave on your loved one’s headstone or grave marker to make it truly unique and personalized.

4. Casket or Urn

A casket is a rectangular-shaped container designed to hold your loved one’s remains. Typically made from wood or metal with a fabric interior lining, caskets come in a variety of materials, design options and colors. Some also offer specialized engravings, allowing you to choose a casket that is unique to your loved one’s life.

Urns are containers that hold your loved one’s cremated remains. Like caskets, urns come in a variety of materials, shapes and colors. They also feature engravement options for personalized designs, symbols or words that are special to your loved one. While an urn is often associated with cremation, note that cremated remains can still be buried in a cemetery or other special place of significance.

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5. Burial Vault or Grave Liner

Burial vaults and grave liners are designed to protect the casket once it’s placed in the ground. While both options are acceptable, burial vaults are more protective, as they enclose the casket on all four sides, and are both lined and sealed.

Grave liners, on the other hand, are primarily designed to prevent the ground from collapsing on the casket. Additionally, grave liners may not have a bottom, and the ones that do will include drainage holes, which can lead to deterioration of the casket or urn.

Keep in mind that your funeral director can assist you in purchasing these items.

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6. Transportation

It’s important to ensure your loved one’s remains are transported with respect, care and love. Your loved one will be transported first when they enter a funeral home’s care, and then again to their burial location after services.

Typically, the funeral home you’re working with will supply a hearse, though you can also rent one from a funeral home. A procession of your loved one’s family and friends will typically follow the hearse to the burial site.

7. Remembrance Items

Remembrance items help add a personal, unique touch to a loved one’s burial and can serve as a way for attendees to remember their lost loved one. These items can include flowers, prayer cards or even memorial jewelry. When selecting items, consider visiting a funeral home with an on-site remembrance center, where visitors can view memorial products in person and decide which would best honor their loved one.

The burial is a time for guests to say their final goodbyes, and special keepsakes can help bring them comfort and keep their loved one’s memory alive.

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A Step-by-Step Guide to Preparing Final Arrangements

Following the loss of a loved one, there are upwards of 125 decisions to be made.

Some of these decisions may feel simple. But for the more difficult ones, we’ve created this funeral planning checklist to provide you with the necessary steps and answer the most common questions we hear as you embark on planning final arrangements. Download it now for considerations on tackling legal aspects, planning for a service and more.

Download our funeral planning checklist

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