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    Live Life to the Fullest: How to Accomplish a Bucket List

    Posted by Cathy Nichols August 31, 2017

    tandem-skydivers-713705_1280-1.jpg“To live is the rarest thing in the world. Most people just exist.” –Oscar Wilde

    Have you ever sat down to write a bucket list—a list of all the accomplishments and experiences you hope to achieve before you die? What did you write? Swim with dolphins? Climb Mount Everest? Whatever it may be, it’s important that you take time to compile a list.

    If you’re struggling to accomplish all of the things you set out to do on this list, let us help. Continue reading for five simple steps to finishing a bucket list that will mirror your life goals.

    1. Prioritize Your List

    The first thing you can do after you create a bucket list is to prioritize. Give yourself some time to evaluate how feasible your goals are, how important they are to you and how you plan to accomplish them. Ask yourself the following questions:

    • Who is going to help me accomplish this goal?
    • What challenges could prevent me from achieving this goal?
    • When do I plan to achieve this goal?
    • Where am I going to accomplish this goal?
    • Why is this goal on my list?
    • How much will it cost me (in time, money, etc.) to complete this goal?  

    Remember, it’s important to choose goals that are meaningful to you. By asking yourself these questions, you can get a better understanding of what you hope to accomplish, and how you plan to accomplish them.

    2. Identify a Common Theme

    Once you’ve compiled your list, look for a common theme. For many, travel is often a large portion of their list. If you can, combine that love of travel with another item on your list. For example, if you’ve always wanted to scuba dive, find places that allow you to scuba dive while fulfilling your dreams of traveling the world.

    3. Set a Time Frame

    As you set out to accomplish each of these goals, set a time frame by when you hope to achieve them. Find ways to break down your list into smaller segments, such as short-term and long-term goals. This will allow to prioritize which goals you’d like to accomplish first, and which goals you can reserve for later. Tape your top three goals for the month to the bathroom mirror or fridge. In doing so, you’ll hold yourself accountable for the goals you’ve put in place.

    4. Share Your List  

    To increase your odds of success, share your list. Record your list online at; it’s free to use! Or, share your list with friends and family. Ask them for inspiration. You may be surprised to know that others have similar goals on their lists that you can cross off together.

    5. Review and Edit

    Think of your bucket list as a living document—one that will evolve and change as you get older. As time goes by, sit down to review your list. What have you achieved? What are you still hoping to achieve? By evaluating your list, you can choose to add or remove items. It’s okay if you aren’t able to achieve everything. This is your list, so make it your own.

    A bucket list is designed to reflect your own personal goals. Give yourself time to draft your list, and use others for inspiration. Not every item on your list has to be a life-changing experience. Some things will be easier to achieve than others, but it doesn’t mean they’re any less important. Be realistic with yourself, and most importantly—have fun! 

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