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    National Cancer Prevention Month: Resources for Families Impacted by Cancer

    Posted by Cathy Nichols February 1, 2018

    calendar-3045825_1280.jpgAccording to the American Cancer Society’s Cancer Statistics Center, “there will be an estimated 1,735,350 new cancer cases and 609,640 cancer deaths,” in 2018 in the U.S.

    Whether you’re a survivor, a newly diagnosed patient, or a loved one to someone undergoing treatment, everyone has been touched by cancer in some form or another. 

    Since February marks National Cancer Prevention Month, we’ve outlined five resources for patients and families below.

    In addition to serving Northeast Ohio families dealing with loss due to cancer, several of our staff members have also been personally affected by cancer and support these resources.  

    1. American Association for Cancer Research   

    With more than a hundred resources, the American Association for Cancer Research (ACCR) identifies information, services and assistance for families touched by cancer.

    Through the Survivor and Patient Advocacy Program, a “how-to” series was created to answer some of the most common questions faced by patients and their families. For example, the website explains how to:

    This advances the understanding of cancer, prevention, diagnosis and treatment for families impacted by cancer.

    2. National Cancer Institute 

    Known as the “nation’s trusted source for cancer information,” the National Cancer Institute (NCI) offers supportive materials for families and patients managing the physical and emotional effects of cancer. 

    With a number of resources, patients and their families can explore NCI’s A to Z list of cancer types to find the latest research, treatment, prevention and screening information for a particular type of cancer. Additionally, NIH offers general resources on coping to help patients and their families face life’s changes from cancer.

    3. American Cancer Society

    From basic information about cancer and its causes to in-depth resources on treatment and support, The American Cancer Society has helpful materials for patients and their families.  

    In the event that a loved one takes on the role of a caregiver, the website details:

    That way, a caregiver has the necessary information to provide physical, emotional, spiritual and financial support to a loved one diagnosed with cancer. The website also lists a number programs and services to help families find the support they need. Click here to search for programs in your area.

    >>> Related resource: 5 Resources Caregivers Can Share with Families of Aging Seniors

    4. Cancer Support Community 

    Cancer Support Community is a global network that offers free support and counseling to families, “so that no one has to face cancer alone.”

    With helpful tips for talking to kids and teens about cancer, families can understand what to expect if a parent or grandparent is diagnosed, and tips to develop a cancer treatment plan together. This allows everyone to get on the same page from the start.

    5. CancerCare

    CancerCare provides free counseling, support groups, education and financial assistance to help families better cope with cancer.

    With support groups online, over the phone and in person, CancerCare helps patients and their families manage emotions and find useful resources.

    Additionally, the website features inspiring stories of help and hope from people affected by cancer.

    To ensure the momentum for cure continues, we encourage you to share this list of resources, and raise awareness for National Cancer Prevention Month throughout February.

    Nominate a Caregiver for The Busch Recognition Program 

    Busch Funeral and Crematory Services is proud to recognize the hard work of individuals in the Northeast Ohio community that have taken on the responsibility of caregiving in any capacity— including those who have served patients of cancer. The program is designed to thank those who provide comfort and hope for those in need.

    To nominate someone you know for his or her selfless work as a caregiver, visit our page for more information. To view last year’s award winners, read our post Northeast Ohio Caregivers Recognized for Compassion and Kindness.

    Nominate a Caregiver

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