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National Nurses Day and Beyond: How to Thank a Nurse Every Day

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Though the world is continuously affected by uncertainty, there’s one thing we know for sure: We owe the nurses of the world a thank you.

Over three million women and men in the United States regularly face grueling hours and unpredictable situations for the sake of ourselves and our loved ones. Despite being well acquainted with the risks of their profession, nurses find the strength to put their personal concerns aside to benefit others—day after day.

It goes without saying that we are forever indebted to nurses, from in-home assistants to medical staff on the front lines.

May 6 is National Nurses Day, but we shouldn’t limit our gratitude to a single day. Here are a few ways to show your caregiver support and thank a nurse in your life on National Nurses Day and every day that follows.

Send a Gift to a Nurse

Nurses are among the utmost ultimate caregivers—which means they deserve the ultimate caregiver support. A gift like flowers or sweets is a tangible way to thank a nurse at a local clinic or hospital.

You may give more personalized gift, like a spa day or shopping trip, to show your gratitude to a nurse in your family or circle of friends.

Write a Nurse a “Thank You” Note

A handwritten note is a simple—but heartfelt—way to thank a nurse. While a card or letter may only take minutes for you to write, the impact on a healthcare professional can be lasting. This is especially true if the recipient has cared for a loved one or you personally.

Learn About the History of Nursing

Florence Nightingale founded modern nursing in the 19th century while treating men during the Crimean War. By taking time to educate yourself on the history of the nursing profession, you demonstrate your desire to understand and respect a field that is likely different from your own. Consider sharing your newfound knowledge with a family or friend.

Nominate a Nurse for an Award

One way to show caregiver support is to publicly recognize a nurse that’s impacted your life. Nominate them for an award, like the Daisy Award for Extraordinary Nursing, Red Cross’s Florence Nightingale Medal or even Busch’s Caregiver Award. This demonstrates your thankfulness for their selfless hard work.

Donate to a Worthy Cause

Causes like the American Nurses Foundation and the American Association of Critical-Care Nurses provide support, education and other resources to nurses across the country.

Donating to an organization like those listed above helps support the future of the nursing field. Consider how you can thank a nurse by making your donation in the name of a caregiver who’s had a direct impact on you or a loved one.

No matter how you choose to show your gratitude, know your efforts do not go unnoticed. These ways to thank a nurse for their dedication to their profession may be small, but their impact can be significant.

Ready to Nominate a Deserving Northeast Ohio Caregiver?

The caring staff at Busch is honored to give back to those selfless end-of-life caregivers, healthcare volunteers, safety heroes and more with our Caregiver Award recognition program. Visit our website to nominate someone you know for his or her selfless work as a caregiver.

Nominate a Caregiver

Heidi Thimke
Heidi Thimke
Creates personalized and meaningful celebration of life services. Heidi’s calling is helping families pay tribute to their loved ones in meaningful ways. As a lifelong Lorain County resident, she has been involved with her hometown church, Boy Scouts, Girls Scouts and schools. Proudly serving Busch families since 2012.

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