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Should You Preplan Your Funeral? 4 Reasons to Help You Decide

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should_i_preplan_my_funeralThere are clear advantages to preplanning your funeral ahead of time, but some people are reluctant to the idea. Death—especially your own— isn’t an easy subject to discuss.

But imagine planning a wedding or any other large life celebration in just a few short days. You likely wouldn’t. So why leave the ultimate celebration of your life to the last minute when emotions are already high?

Having a plan in place provides peace of mind to you and your family, while allowing you to put your preferences in writing.

To find out if it’s right for you, continue reading below for more reasons why you should consider prearranging your funeral.

1. Give your family a meaningful way to say goodbye. 

Funerals are seen as a valuable part of the grieving process, as it forces us to face the reality of death. While difficult to think of ahead of time, preplanned final arrangements enable surviving family members and friends to say goodbye in a meaningful and memorable way that helps the healing process unfold.

By having a plan in place, family members and friends don’t have to worry about every little detail. Instead, they can focus on giving you what you wanted—a proper sendoff. This gives you peace of mind, knowing final wishes are in writing for your family to carry out.

2. Assume the financial responsibility of funeral costs. 

Did you know planning final arrangements is one of the most expensive purchases families face in life? While not required, most people who preplan their funeral also prefund it. When you prepay, the services you choose are locked in at today’s rates to save you and your family from rising costs.

Additionally, preplanning offers flexible payment plans. Instead of having to pay one large sum upfront, you’re able to space out payments to fit your budget, while protecting your surviving family members from having to take this financial obligation on themselves.

3. Get your final affairs in order.   

Most people want to be in control over decisions that affect their lives. Unless wishes are in writing, it’s difficult for surviving family members to decide exactly how you envision your final days, along with your preferred disposition method.

By taking ownership, you specify whether you’d like a formal or informal gathering. You can explain your desire for personalization, or whether you’d prefer memorialization.

In doing so, you can get other final affairs in order, including essential end-of-life planning documents that help you define which assets go to whom, and how the assets can be used. This includes creating a trust and / or will, so you can be confident that your property goes to the right people.

4. Take time to find the right provider. 

With any big purchase in life, you likely shop around to compare prices between dealers, providers and more. Most funerals are formalized within a week’s worth of time, which can lead to rushed decisions by surviving family members.

All too often, families select the same provider to arrange services with as they have in the past—regardless if needs were met. When you give yourself the time necessary to prearrange, you can research and meet with multiple funeral homes or cremation providers. Consider the opportunity to be methodical about the entire process by researching providers, visiting facilities, learning about services and meeting staff members.

Want More Information About Preplanning? Download the Seniors’ Guide to Funeral Arrangements

Knowing there are many decisions to make following a death, you can lift the emotional and financial burden from your family by preplanning. For more information on the benefits of preplanning, download the Seniors’ Guide to Funeral Arrangements to learn how preplanning can save you and your family time, money and worry.

Funeral Preplanning Financial Guide


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