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Win Their Appreciation: Top 3 Reasons to Preplan Your Funeral

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When a loved one passes away, family and close friends find themselves grieving and in emotional upheaval. In fact, studies show that individuals who must make end-of-life decisions for family members are faced with serious stress following the event.

In many cases, the emotional toll a death can take is exacerbated by the weighty responsibility of making funeral arrangements. There can be up to 125 tasks to complete after someone passes away. Plus, let’s not forget about the burden of costs – whether it’s locating the funds to pay for final expenses, or wondering what dollar amount is too much or too little to spend. This, combined with the uncertainty of a loved one’s final wishes, may result in hastily made decisions.

Family and friends want to spend their time remembering the fond memories they share. However, they are usually so caught up in memorial or funeral plans they aren’t able to grieve the way they need during the most critical time. Wouldn’t you rather spare your family the stress of planning your funeral?

Preplanning allows you to make all of your arrangements, including financing, now. When you choose to preplan, your family won’t have to worry about meticulous funeral details, and it lifts the financial burden off their shoulders. Read below for three benefits of preplanning your funeral.

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1. Take Away Difficult Decision-Making.

You may already know how you want to be remembered, but does your family? If they know your wishes, are all the family members in agreement? In the midst of grief, it can be difficult to decide what a loved one would have wanted.

Even after talking to your family, some may remember your expressed wishes in different ways when the time comes. These differences can cause disputes, uncertainty and second-guessing.

If you’ve experienced a loss, you know the emotional struggles you faced. Save your family from this by preplanning these decisions, and give yourself peace of mind that your wishes will be fulfilled. This way, they can focus on recalling cherished memories, rather than orchestrating funeral details.

2. Ensure Your Family Is Not Burdened with Funeral Costs.

Average funeral costs can range from $7,000 to $10,000, and those prices have increased tenfold since 1960. Luckily, prefunding ensures your family doesn’t have to take on that financial burden themselves. Financial benefits of prefunding include:

• Locks in funeral prices at today’s rates and protects against future price increases.

• Removes worry about how arrangements will be paid.

• Protects your family from unnecessary expenses you may not have wanted.

• If you choose to fund through a special preneed insurance policy, any unpaid balances can be waived if you pass away before paying for your funeral.

Funerals are undoubtedly an expensive event, but preplanning gives you financial options, rather than expecting your family to foot multiple bills.

3. Organize Vital Information in One Location.

Preplanning with a funeral home organizes much of your vital information in one place to make things easier on your family. A copy of the important information about your final wishes can be kept on file at the funeral home. In addition, preplanning gives you an opportunity to compile important information, including:

• Vital documents (i.e. birth certificate, advanced directives, wills, etc.).

• Military records, such as a copy of the DD-214.

• Life insurance information to help assist your family in obtaining all benefits.

• Notification contact list and information.

• Special instructions to assist your family with the personalization of your final arrangements.

• Account information for bank accounts, credit cards, social media and online accounts.

It’s impossible to avoid the heartache and stress we face when a loved one passes away. But by preplanning your funeral, you can provide your family with support and resources now for the day you pass.

Learn more about how Busch Funeral Homes can help you preplan here. Our preplanning advisors can walk you through the process in one appointment.

Funeral Preplanning Financial Guide

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