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What’s a Certified Funeral Celebrant?

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Are you in charge of planning services for a loved one who has passed, but don’t know where to begin? This is normal.

When it comes to modern-day services, you have many options. The trouble is, the process of planning such an important service can be overwhelming, especially when you and your family are grieving.

For help, many people turn to a Funeral Celebrant. While a funeral director will walk you through the dozens of decisions that need to be made in a short timeframe, a Certified Funeral Celebrant helps you by designing and conducting a meaningful and memorable tribute

To learn more about Celebrants, plus the unique benefits of personalized services, continue reading below.

But first, what’s a Certified Funeral Celebrant?

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A Celebrant is a trained professional who works directly with your family to create a personalized tribute that reflects the life and legacy of your loved one. A Celebrant understands the many ways to communicate the value of your loved one’s life, and offers ideas that reflect the wishes and beliefs of the deceased.

If you wish to have religious elements, such as scriptures, hymns or prayers, the Celebrant will incorporate those for you. A Celebrant is capable of conducting non-religious, semi-religious and religious tributes.  

3 Ways a Certified Funeral Celebrant Helps Personalize Final Arrangements

1. Asks Questions

When meeting with a Celebrant for the first time, they’ll start by asking you and your family questions about your loved one. This allows the Celebrant to better understand who your loved one was, and what they would have wanted in their celebration of life.

They’ll ask questions about their passions and interests, so they can incorporate special touches into the service that remind you of your loved one. Some examples of questions may include:

  • What brought them joy in life?
  • What were their values?
  • How did they want to be remembered?
  • Who was their favorite band?
  • What items did they treasure?
  • What were some of their personal aspirations?
  • What organizations did they support?
  • Where was their favorite place to visit?

Celebrants ask these questions so surviving family members and friends share real-life stories of the deceased to add to the service.

2. Listens to Stories

Next, a Celebrant meets with you and your family—often at home—to listen to stories about your loved one.

This will help them understand what was important to your loved one, and learn the impacts he or she made in life.

While it may be hard to reflect on memorable moments with your loved one, this discussion provides an opportunity for healing to start.

During this time, your family may also discuss elements you wish to include in services for your loved one. While most services are held at a funeral home, services may also take place in locations of special significance to you and your family.

3. Creates Services 

Once they’ve asked questions and listened to your stories, they’ll craft a personalized tribute.

Personalization can deepen the meaning of your loved one’s tribute to reflect their beliefs and values.

The Celebrant will work with you to select special readings, like poems or scriptures, that were important to your loved one. They’ll also help you create customized memory boards with photos. They’ll even arrange a display of mementos that were meaningful to you and your family, including personal belongings.


Other personalization options may include, but are not limited, to:

  • Flowers.
  • Memorial cards.
  • Music.
  • Tribute video.
  • Unique requests.

The goal of a personalized tribute is to be a celebration of life, so the focus is not on the death of your loved one, but rather, on the joy that the person brought to others. This helps grieving family members and friends leave the service with love in their hearts. 

Plan a Celebration of Life

At Busch Funeral and Crematory Services, we believe every life is worth remembering. Our Certified Celebrants are trained to listen to families and honor their wishes. No matter your request, we will work hard to exceed your expectations. We invite you to arrange services with our caring staff to celebrate the life of your loved one.

Contact us for funeral planning.

Cathy Nichols
Cathy Nichols
Considers it an honor as a Certified Celebrant to listen to life stories, and then design and conduct meaningful tributes. Cathy also trains celebrants nationally, equipping them to share those legacies in ways that comfort and enlighten. Honorably serving Busch families since 2004.

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