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    Who to Include When Preplanning Your Funeral

    Posted by Mark Busch September 1, 2016

    We may not know how much longer we have in life, but we can certainly prepare for our passing through end-of-life plans. When preparing yourself and family for death, you can never be too prepared. By preplanning your funeral, you can arrange and take care of every detail, from financial documents to your wish for a final resting place 

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    To successfully preplan your funeral, you’ll need to include many people—from funeral directors to immediate family members.

    Continue reading to learn who you should include when preplanning your funeral.

    Preplanning Advisor

    A preplanning advisor will guide you through the steps of securing the celebration you want. There are many details, laws, and requirements involved in a funeral. Advisors make the process easier and put you at ease while you make decisions about your funeral arrangements.

    Funeral Home Staff

    A funeral director will help you purchase any goods and services you’ll need for the burial, cremation, funeral, or memorial service.

    Funeral home staff will help guide your family through one of the most difficult times of their lives. Make sure they’re going to provide the care, comfort, and service your family deserves.

    Immediate Family Members

    One of the greatest benefits of preplanning is removing the stress your family would endure while arranging your funeral during one of the hardest times of their lives.

    Be sure to tell your family about the plans you've made and let them know where important documents are filed. If your plans include family members taking part in your services, you’ll want to communicate that as well.


    An attorney will help get your affairs in order, name beneficiaries, manage power of attorneys, and make sure your will is up-to-date.

    Because individuals are not able to authorize their own cremation, it’s left to the next of kin or executor of the estate as set forth in Ohio law. You may want to consult your attorney to clarify who is authorized in a written document.

    Life Insurance Agent

    It’s important to consult your life insurance agent to confirm your policy will take care of your surviving loved ones when you pass and cover all necessary expenses.

    Some life insurance plans offer burial insurance or prepaid funeral policies. These additional purchases offer funds to help your beneficiary pay for funeral expenses and ensure the full expenses are covered, even if you pass unexpectedly before you pay off your balance

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    Successfully preplanning your funeral involves many people. At Busch Funeral Homes and Crematory Services, we have more than 100 years of experience in Northeast Ohio. We’re confident that our caring staff will provide an outstanding experience.

    For more information on preplanning your funeral, check out our ebook, Seniors’ Guide to Funeral Arrangements. Learn how preplanning relieves your family from the financial and emotional burdens of funeral planning.

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