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Why Is Placing an Obituary Important?

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why_place_obituaryPlacing an obituary has been a long-standing tradition when a loved one passes away. Obituaries tell the story of your loved one’s life—who they were, their hobbies and passions, and how they lived their life.  

In a time of grieving, obituaries are a celebration of your loved one’s life and a physical way to memorialize what made them special and why they were loved.  

While writing an obituary at one of the most stressful times in your life can feel difficult, it’s an important task that shouldn’t be overlooked. Obituaries serve several purposes for both you and your loved one, and you can view them below.

To Inform the Public About Your Loved One’s Death

While you’ll likely contact family members and close friends to let them know about your loved one, an obituary—whether online or in print—is an efficient way to inform those who otherwise might not have known. It’s a public record that people can search online or find in their local newspapers to learn about your loved one, their surviving family members and arrangements.

Additionally, putting an obituary in public print also gives permission to the community that it is okay to talk about the death with your family. An obituary takes out the guesswork—otherwise, you may find yourself continuously sharing the news when you run into someone you know in public. 

To Share Information About Final Arrangements

When a loved one passes away, it’s overwhelming to plan funeral services, let alone inform a never-ending list of people about them. You can include this information in an obituary and share it to let your community know when and where the arrangements will take place. That way, folks who were close to your loved one that may have never met before will be able to learn about their passing and have the opportunity to gather to celebrate their life. At Busch, we often see that someone unexpected shows up and tells a fabulous story or connection about the deceased.

You also can use this space to share information about financial donations or memorial gifts if you’d like to make a contribution in your loved one’s honor to their favorite organization or non-profit.

>>> Busch Funeral and Crematory Services offers an online directory where you can search for a loved one’s obituary.

To Honor Your Loved One and Preserve Family History

Obituaries preserve family history and keep your loved one’s memory alive. Most obituaries include a list of both living and departed relatives, and they’re also an outlet to share fun and unique memories or personality traits of your loved one.  

An obituary is a record of your loved one’s life, and unlike a quick social media post, an obituary won’t get lost online. They’re easily searchable and will always be available on the internet.

More importantly, obituaries serve as a physical piece of memorabilia of your loved one’s life that you’ll always have. They can be clipped out of the paper or printed and then saved in a special place, memory book or photo album, so future generations can get to know your loved one, too.

To Help with the Grieving Process

Losing a loved one is incredibly difficult, and your loss can bring back memories you’ve had with them. Writing an obituary gives you an opportunity to reminisce on those memories.

An obituary is a tribute to your loved one’s life—who they were, what they did and why they made an impact on others’ lives. Writing an obituary allows you to reflect on why your loved one mattered to you and how they made a difference in your life, offering you uplifting moments in an otherwise stressful time.

For example, consider the following unique attributes about your loved one’s life:

  • Did they have a distinct laugh, memorable smile or favorite phrase?
  • Did they have a special personality trait that truly made them unique?
  • Did they have a favorite hobby or vacation destination?
  • Did they have a pet that followed them everywhere?
  • Did they have a favorite restaurant where everyone knew their name?

Grief Is A Journey—We’re Here Every Step of the Way

Losing a loved one can immerse you in a tidal wave of emotions—grief, stress, anger and isolation. There’s no set way to navigate through what you’re feeling or how you’re coping. Our weekly grief support newsletter, A Journey Towards Healing, offers grief support tips and facts to help you understand the symptoms of grief and more.

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Jim Busch
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