Live Well: Busch Caregiver Award

Busch Caregiver Award Program: Staff and Volunteer Caregiver Awards

Busch Funeral and Crematory Services recognizes and appreciates the hard work of individuals in our community that have taken on the responsibility of being a caregiver. Nominees may be a hospice professional, physician, nurse, chaplain, social worker, CNA, healthcare administrative professional, parish nurse, clergy, deacon, volunteer or anyone else who is seen as a caregiver in Northeast Ohio.

To thank those who provide hope and comfort for those in need, we are accepting nominations for the monthly Busch Recognition Program. We’re seeking one caregiver monthly who is an unsung heroes and beacon of comfort for those they care for. In the form below, nominators can select the most appropriate role for their nominee under "Nominee's Role: Staff or Volunteer."

Please note: Beginning January 2018, Busch will only award one caregiver per month. There is no longer a designation between staff and volunteer caregivers. 

Monthly awardees will be honored on our website and with a gift card and plaque for their dedication and generosity.

At the end of the year, Busch will honor all winners and select one who will receive the Caregiver of the Year Award.

To nominate someone you know for his or her selfless work as a caregiver, complete below form.

Please note that we've changed our review process to include past nominees for consideration each month. If you have already nominated an individual, your nominee will continue to be considered for the Caregiver Award.

Nominate a Caregiver