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Conversation-starting questions and tips for in-depth discussions with your loved ones.

BFH_TOAL-Front-Cover-1.pngHaving discussions about life’s most important questions can be a rich and satisfying experience that helps us reaffirm to our loved ones the impact they’ve had on our lives. More importantly, it allows us to thank those who have been through life’s triumphs and tribulations. 

This guide is designed to help you engage in meaningful conversation with the people who matter most to you. From treasured possessions to favorite family traditions, the guide offers 25 sample questions that cover an array of different topics. 

The conversation topics are great for:

  • A casual gathering of family and/or friends.
  • Family dinners and birthdays
  • Holiday gatherings and celebrations.
  • Vacations/road trips.
  • Dinner dates.

 In addition, the guide answers the following:

  • How to initiate a meaningful conversation.
  • What to ask your loved ones.
  • How to make the discussion fun.
  • How to be a good listener.

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