Plan a Meaningful  Service With Funeral Personalization

Designing a personalized celebration of life will allow you to tell your loved one’s unique life story.


Final Arrangements Are a Celebration of Life

Deepen the meaning of your loved one's tribute with a personalized funeral or memorial service.

From customized memory boards with special photographs to music and mementos, the popularity of funeral personalization is on the rise. Personalization gives families a chance to add special touches to the service that showcase the legacy their loved one leaves behind.

Certified Celebrants

Our Certified Celebrants at Busch work directly with your family to create a personalized remembrance that reflects the life and legacy of your loved one. They understand the many ways to communicate the value of your loved one’s life and offers ideas that reflect the wishes and beliefs of the deceased.

Celebrate a Life with a Celebrant

Service Personalization

Just as you would personalize a birthday or wedding, you can personalize a funeral service, too. At Busch, we believe every funeral or memorial service should be as extraordinary as the life lived. That’s why we work with families across Northeast Ohio to plan meaningful services that honor final wishes and meet unique needs.

More on Meaningful Services

Veterans Honor

Busch appreciates the dedication of those that served our country and those that keep us safe every day. That’s why we offer the most comprehensive veterans options to appropriately pay tribute to the lives of our fallen heroes. With the proper documentation, our caring staff can arrange for special military observances.

Personalization For Veterans

Plan a Celebration of Life

The caring Busch staff believes every life is worth remembering in its own unique way.

Our Certified Celebrants are trained to listen to families and honor their wishes. No matter your request, we will work hard to exceed your expectations.

At Busch, we seek to design and conduct a personalized tribute that honors your beliefs and the legacy of your loved one. Our celebrants will work with you to select special readings, like poems or scriptures, that were important to your loved one and can lead non-religious and religious tributes. They’ll also help you create customized memory boards with photos and even arrange a display of mementos that were meaningful to you and your family.

Plan Services with a Celebrant

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Pay Homage to the Uniqueness of Your Loved One

At Busch, we have a number of funeral personalization options to choose from and many do not include additional costs.

We encourage you to consider personalization choices or themes that add significance to the tribute. If your family member loved a certain hobby, we will incorporate it into the theme. Or, add personal touches such as a favorite song, painting, portrait or balloon release.

Service options include, but are not limited to:

  • Photo collage presentation.
  • Multimedia tribute.
  • Display of cherished belongings. 
  • Music.
  • Flowers.
  • Unique requests.

Plan a Personalized Service

Pay Homage to Loved Ones

Honor a Veteran

We believe the men and women who answered our nation’s call deserve the most prestigious honor and send-off. At Busch, we offer extensive memorialization options to honor the lives of our fallen heroes. Services include, but are not limited to:

  • Arrange for military honors.
  • Obtain an official veteran’s flag.
  • Secure an active-duty honor guard to fold and present the flag to the family.

Plan Services for a Veteran

Honor a Veteran

Compassionate Guides and Helpful Resources

Visit our Celebrating a Life Blog for the most up-to-date information on grief support, planning ahead or service personalization.

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Tell the Story of Your Loved One's Life With a Personalized Funeral Service

Our staff will work alongside you to create a personalized celebration of life, without added stress or unnecessary costs. 

Fill out the form for help if a death has occurred, you’re interested in prearranged funeral services or you have general questions about funeral personalization.

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