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Plan Well: Preplanning FAQs

Frequently Asked Funeral Preplanning Questions

There are many factors to consider when preplanning your funeral. As you go through the preplanning process, you may find that you have some unanswered questions.

Below, we’ve documented the most frequently asked questions about preplanning. These will help you better understand the preplanning process, as well as the benefits and peace of mind that come from knowing your final wishes are documented.

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1. What is preplanning?

Preplanning your funeral or cremation is the process of making final arrangements before you die. Your decisions are documented so that your final wishes will be honored and your funeral will include exactly what you want. Preplanning includes choosing everything from a funeral or cremation, the type of gathering you want, caskets, headstones and urns, personal touches and more. Most preplanning arrangements include pre-funding the funeral or memorial as well.

2. What are the benefits of preplanning?

By preplanning, you protect your loved ones from having to make difficult decisions during one of the worst times of their lives. You also ensure that your final wishes are documented for your family to carry out. Additionally, preplanning locks in current funeral rates so that you are not affected by future price increases. 

In short, your family won’t have to arrange anything so those who matter the most to you can take the time they need to grieve.

3. Can I prepay my funeral?

Most people who preplan their funeral also pre-fund it at the same time. While not required, prepaying offers one of the biggest benefits for your family in that they don’t have to suddenly pay for the funeral when the time comes. 

By prepaying, you lock in today’s prices. This is important because funeral prices rise frequently, even doubling every 12 to 15 years.

4. Can I preplan a cremation?

Absolutely, the preplanning process is the same for both cremation and burial services.

5. Where does the money go when I prepay?

All money must be deposited within 30 days to a bank or insurance company. When you pass, Busch Funeral and Crematory Services receives payment from the insurance company or bank.

6. Can I cancel my preplanning arrangement or make changes?

The prepayment for your funeral can be canceled within 30 days of signing the agreement.

You can make changes to your preplanned funeral arrangements at any time. Simply contact us and set up an appointment.

7. Do I need to have a will to preplan my funeral?

Creating your will is a separate process and is not required for preplanning. However, one of the main reasons people preplan is to take care of their loved ones, so they tend to have their will completed or have plans to do so.

8. How can I guarantee costs won’t rise for my family?

When you preplan, the services you purchase are locked in at today’s rate. This helps ease the burden your family must face when planning a funeral, from both a financial and emotional standpoint.

9. How long does it take to preplan a funeral?

Our preplanning advisors can explain your options, answer all your questions, and walk you through the entire process in one appointment.

10. How do I begin the preplanning process?

Simply set up an appointment with one of our preplanning advisors. 

11. Do I need to preplan if I already have life insurance?

The purpose of life insurance is to take care of your surviving loved ones when you pass. Life insurance policies replace lost income and help to pay off debts and taxes.

If you use life insurance, your family would have to pay for the funeral up front and at the current funeral rates. They would then submit a claim for reimbursement for their payment with the insurance company. Depending on the policy, it may or may not cover the entire cost.

Prepaid funeral policies are specifically used to pay for your funeral. The arrangements are paid so your family won’t have to come up with out-of-pocket costs. Plus, they’ll still have your life insurance to take care additional affairs.

12. What happens to my preplanning policy if I move?

In most cases, your prepaid funeral policy is transferable. If you move, your policy will travel with you. To learn more, visit our transfer your plan page.

13. What happens to my preplanning policy if Busch were to go out of business?

Busch has served families’ funeral service needs in Greater Cleveland for more than 100 years, so we doubt this will ever be an issue. However, if we were to go out of business, your policy is safe and easily transferable to another funeral home.

14. Are preplanning policies with Busch considered irrevocable burial contracts that are allowable under the Medicaid spend down?

Yes, preplanning your funeral with Busch can be set up as an irrevocable burial contract, which is an allowable expense under Ohio Medicaid spend down rules.

15. What happens if a loved one or I pass away before completing payments on a preplanning policy?

If you pass away unexpectedly, in most cases, the insurance would cover any remaining payments.

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