Downloadable Resource: Youth & Funerals

How to Help Children Cope with Death and Funerals

Some of life's most important rituals involve death and grief— even for youth. When you include children at a funeral or other services, you help them better understand the concepts of death, grief and memorialization. 

However, there's a common misconception that children may be too young or sensitive to attend a funeral or memorial service. And, discussing a loved one's death or explaining the importance of a funeral may seem like too difficult of a conversation to start with a child. 

Download the complimentary guide, Youth & Funerals: Understanding the Important Role Funerals and Memorialization Play in the Lives of Youth, to uncover:

  • Communication tips for discussing death and funerals with a youth using age-appropriate language.
  • Suggestions for youth preparedness, empowerment and involvement in memorialization.
  • Advice on preparing your child for attendance at a funeral or memorial service. 

*Please note that the complimentary Youth & Funerals guide is brought to you by the Funeral Service Foundation.


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